Online training software and e-learning solution

Powerful learning management system (LMS) made easy

What is Learnis LMS?

Learnis LMS is a web based learning management system. Using Learnis, you will be able to develop and distribute e-learning courses rapidly, including SCORM. Start training your staff right now, no IT skills required.

Is Learnis suitable for me?

Learnis is powerful and easy at the same time. It was designed for enterprises, but it is also affordable for small and medium businesses. Simply, it is a great way how to get quality e-learning for your company or school of any kind without hassle.

Who is behind Learnis?

Learnis LMS is an product of Netventic Technologies, company dedicated to quality web software development and services.

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Cut Expenses

Save budget with low cost distibution of learning content, eliminating unnecessary meetings and travels related to trainings.

Save Time

Eliminate unproductive time with process automation and rapid distibution of content.

Go Green

Less damage for the environment. Imagine all the copies of training papers which will not be printed.